CTPO at Metaphysic.ai Co-founder and Strategy lead at Blokssom Builder Studio DAO

Alexandre Carvalho

He’s a father of two who loves technology, particularly at this time, blockchain technology. He’s currently a CTPO at Metaphysic.ai, co-founder and strategy lead at Blokssom DAO, and an advisor at sheerMe.com. He’s been building and leading tech teams for most of his 20 years tech career, having worked in startups from early to late stages and from Healthcare to Market research.

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    • 17:00 - 18:00 Pestana Hotel Park

      ROUNDTABLE 2: Revolutionizing Creative Industries with Blockchain

      2022-11-30 Creative industries englobes a vast diversity of companies, which includes Internet Technologies (IT) and software companies. Blockchain technology and its applications are disrupting the